i fly
when i'm alone
hands raised over my head
eyes closed and unawares
i find this suits me

feeling movements without seeing
dancing not interpretive in title
but in nature, finding for me
that inner peaceful state
so long and so madly desired
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brown picket frence 06.03.06

It feels good to be away
because in distance I feel closer
and the absence is healing.

It is a good sort of longing
that I don't mind feeling
to the greatest extent of its possibilities.

It is a knowing that either near or far
he's still here in my heart
and I don't have to go far to find him.


I'm posting something of's usually it's can thank Blaine's b-day gift for this *pist the gift was vodka*.

The devil is playing tricks on my mind again,
Trying to ignore the growls of the boogyman
My mind's been in the dark, wondering,
And I wonder if-they'll leave me alone.

Why do they torture me so?
Why can't I let them go?
My life's been one big blur-
And I let the demons stir.

The priest tells me, It's all in my head,
If I pray enough, they'll all be dead.
My mom thinks I should see a shrink,
But I don't trust those-
They'll just overdose me.

Why do they torture me so?
Why can't I let them go?
My life has been one big blur-
Oh God the demons stir.

Shut my eyes-
Take me to another place,
Where the days are dark with the rain.

No work and no money,
Thunderstorms in the afternoon,
Dogwood trees as they start to bloom,
A blanket of snow on the ground,
And the moon makes it glow like,
An angel's gown.

*be's supposed to be verse of course....
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