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A rose by any other name...
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A place for genre-less artists to gather together and share their style medley with others. Acceptable submissions to the community include, but are not limited to: paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, short stories, and poems.

Submission Guidelines

1. When posting pieces, please be sure you're the original creator.

2. Posing questions to start discussion is allowed, but keep conversation civil and related to the topic at hand.

3. No gratuitous nude photos of George Bush (not negotiable).

4. Please maintain a pleasant, welcoming, and respectful atmosphere. Use LJ-cuts where it seems necessary (just use your own discretion), and try to title your works for the benefit of your readers.

5. Constuctive criticism is a hugely necessary part of artistic growth, but let's please be sure to handle each other with care and remember everyone's intrinsic worth.

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